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Prague has direct connection with Vienna with 30+ departures per day. The journey takes approximately 4 hours. Buses depart from Florenc Bus Station, which is close to the city centre, and arrive at Erdberg Bus Terminal or at Stadion in Vienna.

There are three main operators providing direct connection between Prague and Vienna:

All three operators have regular service between Prague and Vienna. Little differences are just in frequency, pricing and comfort. Prices can vary between 10.00 and 22.00 EUR, because it depends on the amount of available seats.

Note: Prices may change over time. Please double-check the current prices for RegioJet, Eurolines and Flixbus in the official pricing page.

  Regiojet Flixbus Eurolines
Duration 4 hrs. 4 hrs. 4 hrs.
Plug sockets
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Buy tickets at bus driver  

To see the exact departure times, use the for RegioJet, Eurolines and Flixbus official page. Following list of departure points can help you decide, which service to use.

Taxi Bratislava Vienna Airport

From Florenc bus station - near Prague city center - you can hop on the RegioJet, Eurolines or Flixbus at Florenc bus station. All companies have frequent coverage of departures approximately every 60 minutes (even 30 minutes during peak hours). First buses depart around 3am and last ones at 12pm. Flixbus and Eurolines are arriving to Vienna International Busterminal (VIB) - U3 Station Erdberg. RegioJet is arriving Vienna, U2 Stadion, Busterminal Stadioncenter, Engerthstrasse.

From Vienna city - Flixbus and Eurolines departs from Erdbergstrasse since 6:35am to 23:45am every 60-120 minutes. RegioJet departs from Wien, U2 Stadion, Busterminal Stadioncenter, Engerthstrasse every 120 minutes.

From and To Schwechat Airport Busstation - Vienna - RegioJet is also departing and arriving to Schwechat Airport Busstation - Vienna, but you need to change the bus at Vienna U2 Stadium Stop to the Brno - Vienna, Schwechat Airport service.

Note: Timetables may change over time. While we do our best to keep the data updated, we could have missed the latest updated. Please double-check the current timetables at RegioJet, Eurolines and Flixbus official page.

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