Public transport in Prague

Public transport in Prague consists of metro, trams and buses, which convey at regular intervals according to timetables. Line stops of the public transport are marked; including the name of the stop, and the timetable with a list of all its destinations. Public transport is operating to all important parts of Prague including – airport, central train station and central bus station.


Public Transport in Prague operates the bus, tram and metro lines from approximately 4:30 am till 12 pm. After this time you can find night bus and tram lines. Buses and trams are marked by number and by the starting and final stop name. Metro is marked as A, B or C. The service of night buses is reduced.


Remember to purchase an appropriate ticket before using the services and mark in inside the bus, tram or on metro station. You can buy the tickets at yellow coin-operated machines (situated at all metro stations and selected surface transit stops), newspaper stands, tourist’s information offices and you can also purchase SMS ticket. Since at some stops, the vending machines are missing, it might be a good idea to have some spare ticket with you. One ticket can be used for any kind of Prague public transport but there are tickets with a different validity:

  • 30 minutes – 24 CZK – approx. – 1 EUR
  • 90 minutes – 32 CZK – approx. – 1,2 EUR
  • 24 hours – 110 CZK – approx. – 4 EUR
  • 72 hours – 310 CZK – approx. – 11,5 EUR

If you are visiting Prague for more days and you know you will need the public transport several times, we recommend you to buy a ticket, which will cover the length of your stay. For more information about the tickets visit the official page of Pragues public transport.


For getting on/off you can use every door opened along the whole vehicle. In bus and tram the ticket must be marked in the nearest ticket marker immediately after getting on – they are usually located on the holding poles near to the vehicle doors. When travelling with metro you must mark your ticket at the entrance to the metro. If your ticket is not properly marked or the valid time passed, you could get a fine. The usual fine is 1 500 CZK – approx. 56 EUR.


You can find the timetables on every bus and tram station, where you can find the time of departure of a vehicle and the list of stations which is that vehicle serving with time estimation to the next stations. If you are not sure about your destination or bus number, you may definitely ask someone waiting with you at the stop – people in Prague usually speak English and they will be happy to help you out. If you are onboard you will see that vast majority of vehicles are equipped with displays showing the next stop, maps of public transport lines, and even announcing all stops out loud.

Popular public transport stations you should know as a tourist

  • Muzeum – this stop of metro will bring you to the Wenceslas square
  • Mustek – this stop is also leading to the Wenceslas square
  • Náměstí Republiky – it is in the city centre and is close to Pragues most important shopping centre Palladium and also to party street Dlouhá
  • Staroměstská – stop in the city centre and it is close to the Pragues Old town square where you can also find Astrological clock
  • Národní třída – this stop as well as previous is also in the city centre, close to bank river and Náplavka
  • Malostranská – from here it is close to Pragues castle

Important bus/tram/metro stops where you can change to many other links:

  • I.P. Pavlova – this is your stop when you are travelling with the night bus or tram usually all important buses and trams are going through this stop
  • Vodičkova – again your point for night transportation
  • Florenc – Pragues central bus station
  • Praha hlavní nádraží – Pragues central train station