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Prague Airport - Václav Havel Airport


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Václav Havel Prague Airport is a modern spacious airport located near Prague. It was formerly known as Praha - Ruzyně, but it was renamed after the first post-velvet revolution Václav Havel in 2012. Al international flight are arriving and departing from this airport.

There are three terminals:

  • Terminal 1 is serving the flights from countries outside of Schengen zone - there is passport control
  • Terminal 2 is serving flights from Schengen zone countries - no passport control

  • Terminal 3 is serving private jets

Airport facilities

  • Wi-Fi

  • Luggage storage

  • ATM

  • Currency exchange

  • Restaurants

  • Lounges


How to get to and from the airport

The airport is approximately 20 km from Prague. You can use public transport, own car, taxi or rented car.

 Getting to/from Prague airport by public transport

There is no metro connection with Prague airport - that means public transport buses are the only budget option how to get from and to the airport. There are more lines operating on the airport and the last “normal” bus depart from around 11:30 p.m.

Bus AE - special airport bus - has interval every 15-30 minutes. You have to buy the tickets by the bus driver - cost for an adult is 60 CZK and the luggage is free of charge. The bus stops on Masarykovo Nádraží and Náměstí Republiky only in the direction of Praha - Hlavní nádraží (Prague central train station). In the direction to the Prague Airport it stops on Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Travel time is approximately 33 minutes.

Bus line 119 is departing from Terminal 1 stop and Terminal 2 stop and going to the Nádraží Veleslavín, where you can take the Metro line A. Time of the travel is approximately 15 minutes and the interval of departures is every 5-20 minutes. The bus is operating from 4.15. Am to 10.30. Pm. You can use the standard ticket for public transport.

Bus line 100 is also going from Terminal 1 stop and Terminal 2 stop but it is going towards Zličín Metro station where you can take Metro line B. This bus is good choice when you need to go to the western part of the city. Time of the travel is approximately 20 minutes and the interval of departures is every 7,5-30 minutes. The bus is operating from 5.41. Am to 11.36. Pm. You can use the standard ticket for public transport.

Taxi Bratislava Vienna Airport

Bus line 191 is departing from terminals 1 and 2 and it is going towards bus station Na Knížecí. But during the route there are two important stops - Petřiny where you can go on Metro Line A and Anděl where you can go on Metro Line B.Travel from Airport to Anděl stop is approximately 48 minutes and the interval of departures is 5-30 minutes. The bus is operating from 4.57. Am to 11.11. Pm. You can use the standard ticket for public transport.

Bus line 510 - this is a night bus operating from 11.52. Pm to 3.56. Am. The bus is going towards Na Berínku. But there is one important stop on the route I.P. Pavlova, which is in the city centre and a lot of other night buses and trams are going from there. The route to I.P. Pavlova is approximately 47 minutes.

More info about the buses you can find on the official website of public transport in Prague.


Getting to/from Prague Airport by Taxi

Pragues Airport has official Taxi partners who are allowed to stand in from of the arrival hall. From 1st of January it will be TAXI PRAHA and FIX TAXI and they should provide upper services like free Wi-Fi on board, but their prices may a bit higher. Since there have been many scandals connected to the Pragues Taxi services which were ripping off the customers it is always a good idea to call a taxi by verified services - applications like Uber, LIftago or Hopin - they will not stop o the standard taxi stands in front of the arrival hall, but if you walk few meters to the normal parking the cars from mentioned services can stand there.

Renting a car on Prague Airport

Every major car rental company is having its office at Pragues Airport - Sixt, Europcar, Avis, Czechocar, Hertz, Budget, RENT Plus, Dvořák Rent a car. All their offices are located in separate area in the Parking C. More info you can find at the official website.

Parking your car at Prague Airport

If you are departing from Prague Airport and are using your own car to get there it will be handy to know that you can use Prague Airport Parking. The parking is surveilled 24/7 and the prices for parking start at 790 CZK per week - approximately 30 EUR. More info on the oficial website.

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