Prague Central train station

Central train station is called “Praha – hlavní nádraží” or shortened to Praha – Hl. n. is located within a few minutes by public transport from the city centre. The history of Pragues central train station started in 1871 when it was called Franz Josef Station and during the time the station has undergone several changes in name and design.

The station today represent the connection of two worlds. The Art Nouveau station platform and original entrance were built between 1901 and 1909. Later the station was extended by the new terminal building including also the underground (metro) station and creating a park around the station. The whole complex was refurbished in 2012 and nowadays you can find inside not only underground station, but also great variety of restaurants, coffee places (good price value ratio) and also shops with clothes and books.

Other facilities you can find there:

  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • ATM
  • Luggage lockers

We would recommend to avoid the park outside the central train station or go through as fast as possible. In the park there are meeting homeless people and drug addicts from the whole city so sometimes it is a bit dodgy. But do not worry with increased activity of these people there is also increased activity of police so you should be safe, but anyway there are nicer things to see in Prague.

Public transport to Prague central train station

Get to Pragues Central train station using public transport you have many options. The public transport stop is called “Hlavní nádraží” and it is one of the most important stops in the whole city. The best connection with the city is Metro C, which is fast and you can easy change the lines since in Prague there is only three of them. The station is also served by trams 5, 9, 26 or buses 55, 58.

Taxi to Prague central train station

There are several taxi companies operating around the train station so you can just hop on. Since there have been many scandals connected to the Pragues Taxi services which were ripping off the customers it is always a good idea to call a taxi by verified services – applications like Uber, LIftago or Hopin.

Get there by own car

If you are using your own car there is a non-stop guarded parking centrum near Pragues central train station. The price is around 4 EUR per 24 hours – for more details check official website.