Wenceslas Square

Visiting Prague anytime soon? You will have endless reasons to be excited as it has a lot to offer Regardless of your interests, you will not run out of things to do and attractions to visit, each with the potential of providing you with a memorable experience. Among others, When you are in Prague one of the places that you should not miss is Wenceslas Square. The city’s administrative and commercial capital, this busy square has been a witness to several historical events. Today, it is home to a number of establishments and attractions, making it a must see for every tourist. From cinemas to hotels, restaurants to shops, there’s a lot to see at Wenceslas Square.

How to Get To wenceslas Square

Getting at Wenceslas Square will surely be easy for you as it is serviced by the city’s busiest metro stations. You can take Lines A and C and stop at Muzeum metro station. Alternatively, you can also take Lines A and B and stop at Mustek metro station. In one of the side streets you can also find tram stop Václavské Náměstí, which is serving a lot of trams. Most of the street is also open for vehicular traffic, so you can always choose to take a cab or bring your own car.

What to See at Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is a vibrant boulevard in the heart of the city. It has a length of 750 meters and width of 60 meters. It is bustling from day until night, offering many ways to have fun and memorable experiences. Among others, one of the attractions that should not be missed is the National Museum. This neo-classical Renaissance building is a symbol of the nation’s history. The main part, however, is closed until 2019 for renovation. Alternatively, the New Building of the National Museum, its annex, is currently open for visitors.

You should not also miss the St. Wenceslas Monument. Located just in front of the National Museum, it was unveiled in 1912. It is made from bronze. It is a common meeting point and can also be a good place to just watch people pass by.

Lucerna Palace should also be a part of your itinerary when visiting Wenceslas Square. It is an Art Nouveau complex, which also serves as a home to numerous establishments, including restaurants, café, and a cinema.

From the north of the Lucerna Palace, you can find Franciscan Garden, which is a bit hidden, which makes it less crowded than other parts of the square. It is surrounded by roses and lush greenery, making it the perfect place just to relax, especially after a busy day exploring Wenceslas Square.

Walking around the square will be a visual treat as you witness stunning works of architecture. There are many Art Nouveau buildings. Aside from Lucerna Palace, the design of Hotel Evropa and Palac Koruna, among others, will surely leave you in awe.

What to do at Wenceslas Square

When at Wenceslas Square there are many pubs and restaurants including international fast food chains. All these restaurants are definitely having some quality, but usually the locals are avoiding them, because they are overpriced for the quality they are offering. You can find there also stands with freshly grilled sausage – this stands are the reminiscence for a historical period of the 80s, but also be careful these sausages even they smell good usually they are just cheap pieces of meat from supermarket and no locals are eating them. For good restaurants you can definitely go somewhere in the near side streets, where there is not that many tourist traps.

And last reminder when you are walking around and appreciating all the great architecture watch out for your personal belongings. Wenceslas Square can sometimes get pretty busy and there are operating lot of small thieves, who even there are policemen almost on every corner are sometimes successful.