Charles Bridge

Previously known as the Stone Bridge, this is probably to most famous bridge in the Czech Republic that crosses over the Vltava and connects Old Town with Lesser Town. The construction originally started in 1357, it was led by architect Petr Parler who also worked on the famous St. Vitus Cathedral.

Along the bridge on the sides are many a carved statue of different saints and important figures from the history of Prague and the Czech Republic. These were carved directly into the bridge and now, although replicas stand in their place, they still shine – the originals are in a museum. One of the statues is not made from stone but from iron, it is a statue of Jan Nepomucky. According to the legend if you touch this statue it will protect you from bad.

When to go to Charles Bridge

Since the Charles Bridge is one of the most popular sightseeing attraction it can get pretty busy. During the peak hours you can find there not only a lot of tourists, but also street artists like musicians who are playing  local music and also painters, who can draw your portrait. In our opinion the best time to visit the Charles Bridge is in the morning before the crowds of people descend upon its length – so you will be able to enjoy the gothic architecture and the view on the Prague Castle.

How to get to the Charles Bridge

If you are in the old town it is easiest to just walk just go from Old Towns Square to Karlova street and you will end up directly at the Charles Bridge. If you are using public transport these stops will be useful when looking for a Charles Bridge – Staroměstská – which is a stop for metro line A and also for several trams – from this stop you can just take Křižovnická street (south direction) and soon you will find the bridge – it is 5 minutes walk. You can also go from the tram stop Karlovy lázně where you again take Křižovnická street but this time north direction and within 3 minutes you are at the bridge.