Prague Nightlife

There is definitely something for everyone regardless of whether you are a party animal, relaxed beerlover or a #hashtag #coffe-culture queen. Now, curious about the best part here? Prague’s vivid life perfectly combines high quality standards and great price.

Best cocktail places

The quality and atmosphere of bars in Prague can be easily compared to top notch bars around the world. This city, however, holds a key win of affordable pricing. Prime to-quality drinks would very rarely exceed 9 EUR (~250 CZK). Since the following cocktail places are quite popular, it is always a good idea to book a table.

Bar and Books” has two venues in Prague. The one in the city center (Týnská street) was established in 2004 and it was the very first overseas bar from New York to open here. The second location (Mánesoa street) is a fairly quiet neighborhood of Vinohrady. Both places have a special intimate atmosphere; furthermore, even just to get in you need to ring a bell on the door. Try the all-time classic cocktails or a great selection of whiskeys! Non-smokers heads up, this is a cigar bar, too, and people might be enjoying them with their whiskey.

Bugsy’s bar” named after legendary gangster Bugsy Siegel was founded in 1994 and is located in the very centre (Pařížská street). Throughout its long history, this bar won lots of international prizes for the Best bar in Czech Republic and it still holds to its name. Classic coctails turn easily into “living coctails” and the interior look as a luxurious first class lounge. The bar also offes a huge selection of Cuban cigars (so non-smokers, be aware).

Tretter’s” is one of the busiest bars in Prague, so definitely make a reservation in advance. The owner claims that the bar has been following more than 90 year old family gastronomic tradition. The red interior revokes the atmosphere of New York City and Paris in the 30’s of the last century. Drinks are delicious and flavouful, so even without a reservation, you should stop by and just have one.

Black Angel’s” is located in the hotel U Prince in Old Town Square, right in the middle of Prague’s Old Town. Amongst many prizes, one of the most recent ones dates back to 2014 when Black Angel’s belonged to top 4 hotel bars of the world according to the annual award ceremony, Tales of the Cocktail. The design style of 1930s restaurants in America and the live jazz music is just reinforcing the great atmosphere. Try any of their cocktails, you will not make a mistake. Be aware, since it is super popular among locals and tourists, it can get very busy.

Hemingway Bar“, obviously inspired by Ernest Hemingway, is the patron of bars all around the globe. The bar’s speciality is rum, absinthe, and champagne, but the bartenders can prepare tasty drinks from almost anything. Keep in mind that Hemingway Bar is the synonym for Absinthe in Prague. The bartenders will help you choose the right one, they will share some historic facts, explain the differences and show you the proper way of drinking Absinthe.

Prague clubs

As we already mentioned, Prague has something for everyone when it comes to nightlife. Where to go clubbing? We have prepared a list of our favorite places based on what kind of music and atmosphere you might like.

Radost FX is one of the oldest clubs in Prague, yet nowadays, the quality reached a high cult status among the European clubbing scene. It is located in the Vinohrady district and parties start at 23:00 (11 p.m.) on every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You will find top performing local and international DJs playing moderns dance music.

Let’s move a bit to the city center where you can find Chapeau Rouge. This very popular place, where parties usually end in the morning, has 3 floors, 4 bars, and 3 stages. The ground floor is a bar with a live DJ playing lounge music. On the floor below, there is a dance floor where domestic and international to DJs play music throughout the year and it is open for anyone without any fee. Two floors below, there is an “underground club” which focuses mainly on live concerts by indie bands.

Hangár is a place for mainstream dance music lovers. It is a highly stylish bar inspired by the era of 1940-50’s of Hollywood stunt pilots. The club’s atmosphere which is also emphasized by the bartenders and their show. Pilot’s Lounge is an homage to the boom of aviation led by Pan Am airlines.

The Next three spots are more alternative in terms of music and atmosphere. If you like to experience new things, give these places a try.

Alternative music

Cross club is a completely unique and multicultural center with a fascinating futuristic design with unusual machines and artifacts everywhere. It is located in the center of Prague’s district Holešovice and offers a great experience for people who are keen to see new designs. The music focuses more on unconventional music genres such as Dn’B, trap, dubstep, and reggae both in live and electronic form. But be aware that it is super easy to loose track of time here and finish the party in the morning.

Café Neustadt is a spot hidden in the courtyard of a new town hall. Firstly, this is where you can grab a good coffee anytime during the day or have some nice brunch. However, during the night it turns into a hipster spot. The dance floor is not the biggest, yet you can dance on the terrace, which is just outside the place. Check their program first to know when something is happening.

And finally, let’s get away from the city center to the “living art” – Meet Factory. This international non-profit cultural center is located in Prague’s quarter Smíchov in a unique space just in between of a motorway and an active railroad. The program consists of four different areas – music, theater, gallery and artists-in-residence performances. For clubbing, the choice of music is usually alternative, but keep an eye on the program, as when something interesting is going on, the whole Prague comes here.

Dlouhá – a legendary street that never sleeps

Dlouhá street or simply just Dlouhá is a place with bars and clubs, saturated one next to another, literally. Dlouhá is located in the city center – walking distance from Republic Square (Náměstí Republiky) and also from Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) with the Astrological clock.

What are the places where to go on Dlouhá? You can start with a beer in Lokál,where they draught Pilsner Urquell straight from a tank into glasses. They also prepare traditional “Czech dishes”, which really taste like homemade. After a good dinner, we always recommend having a shot of Becherovka as a digestive. Right next door, there are two important places Club Roxy and NOD. Club Roxy is one of the best-known clubs in Prague and top DJs in the world performed here over the years, so you will definitely find some interesting party. NOD is an experimental place with a bar, where different cultural events take place. You can find theater and dance performances, art exhibitions or audiovisual events, yet best of all, you can find nice drinks and friendly people. Should you wish to choose a club with cheap good drinks and electronic music and you like the feeling of “inner circle” go to Klubovna 2.patro (Club 2nd floor), which is in the same building as NOD and Roxy but you have to go there through a small courtyard. This place is very well hidden, so check the map carefully. The real party in Klubovna 2.patro usually starts after midnight and it can easily get you until the early morning. You can find a great mix of locals and foreigners who know about this secret spot. If you like stylish cocktails, an international feeling, and spontaneous fun you should visit Bombay bar. A Variety of drinks, live DJ and no official dance floor, yet dancing everywhere, will make your night. Lastly, but not at the end of Dlohuá street, you can find a place called James Dean, where you can experience the true 50’s burger and a cocktail from the US. Trying their burger and milkshake is a must. And to party until morning, you just go one floor downstairs. The gem for the end L’Fleur is definitely considered to be one of the best cocktail bars in Prague. It’s a perfect location for a good cocktail in a nice ambient atmosphere.

Žižkov – district where the locals go

Žižov or Žižkov, a legendary district, which has a unique artistic and bohemian vibe, has bars and clubs on every corner. If you are brave, you can try the so-called “Žižkov pub crawl”, where you have one drink in every pub and going from bar to bar. You will soon find out that you can spend the whole night here. To make sure you are going to be prepared for this experience, put these places to your to-do list: Palác Akropolis (Acropolis palace) or Akráč, as some locals call it, is a must. They say that you have not been to Žižkov until you have been here. Try out the restaurant, which has the perfect Czech cuisine and even better beer for reasonable prices. Not hungry and just looking for great cocktail bars? Do not miss next two places: Bukowski is a legendary bar usually full of locals with an interior full of portraits of the writer Charles Bukowski who was obviously an inspiration here. Try their Moscow mule. Only a few meters away, there is another place, Malkovich Bar, which has their cocktails always spot on. The dominant of Žižkov district is Žižkovská věž (Žižkov tower). In the first cabin of this controversial tower, you will find Oblacna bar, which offers high-quality drinks prepared using molecular mixology.